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"I am a winemaker—but I write a lot of tasting notes! Daily Writing Tips is the best (and easiest) way I’ve found to stay current on grammar."
Jeff Pisoni
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"Daily Writing Tips are invaluable. The few cents I spend a day for the subscription are a great investment. Even though I was an English major and teacher, I still need and value the daily gems that the gang at DWT send me."
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Maeve Maddox holds a B.A. (Honours) in English from the University of London and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. She has several published books and was the editor of for seven years.
Maeve Maddox
Mark Nichol is a former instructor at Berkeley University, California. He has worked as a writer and editor for many high-profile publications and companies, including Wired magazine and the George Lucas Educational Foundation.
Mark Nichol


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Test Drive the Writing Exercises

Exercise 1: Problems with Parenthetical Phrases

Each of the sentences below has an error that involves incorrectly sharing words to convey two related ideas. Rephrase each sentence as necessary so that the parenthetical phrase could be omitted without compromising the structural integrity of the main clause.

Exercise 2: Noun Strings

A series of nouns in which all but the last word function as adjectives modifying the final noun is difficult to read. Revise each sentence below to ease the flow of the statement.

Exercise 3: Prepositional Phrase or Infinitive?

The word to can be used as a preposition introducing a prepositional phrase and as a particle introducing an infinitive phrase. Choose the answer that indicates the function of the to in each of the following sentences.

Exercise 4: Punctuation

In each sentence, revise one or more punctuation marks to reflect correct usage.

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I have no trouble waking up early in the morning now, knowing my writing tip will be there. I'm buying a subscription for my mother (a retired school teacher) and my daughter, who is applying for graduate school. It will be such an enjoyable way for her to learn.
Janet H.
United States
Thank you so much for the new and improved Daily Writing Tips Pro. It is even better than the original, and so much worth the money spent.
Timm B.
United States
I continue to appreciate your exercises in these emails. I really enjoy doing them, and the number of answers I get right has improved. I now find myself subconsciously correcting other people’s emails as I read them.
Andrew Hoey
United States
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a great service. I feel that my writing skills have improve immensely since I started receiving DWT. Cheers for that!
Kevin Manders
United States
What you supplied has far exceeded my expectations, both in content and value for money. I congratulate you on a job well done.
Margaret Huggins
As a translator, I am constantly worried about clarity and conciseness. The DailyWritingTips articles and exercises never cease to challenge me, keeping my writing sharp and error-free.
Marcio Rubens
Please let me express my heartfelt thanks for the hard work you do, putting these articles and exercises together. They are extremely helpful and I love reading through them. I just hope I can store the information in my brain and bring it out when needed. Love DailyWritingTips!
Luke Anthony Sawczac
United States
When I heard about the site I expected it to be like the many iffy grammar websites on the Internet, but another editor recommended it to me and I gave it a shot. I find it stands out because of the thoroughness and evenhandedness of the commentary, as well as the aptness of the examples (not always easy!). As the editor-in-chief of The Medium and a long-time copy editor, I strongly recommend to my staff that they subscribe. Even for those who know their stuff, the reminder is always appreciated.
Sinka Kavanagh
For the past eighteen months I've received valuable advice via the Daily Writing Tips subscription. I now have a special folder available, so that when I have a query in my writing, I can quickly scan the subjects and find answers which, in almost every situation, solve my problem. The presentation is to the point and examples presented are relevant to today's use of prose. Like most writers I am always in a hurry, rushing to meet a deadline and need an immediate 'fix'. This works for me.
Helen A. Rogan
United Kingdom
I’ve subscribed to and relished DailyWritingTips for quite some time. The choice of topics is almost always imaginative and frequently provocative—in other words, it forces the subscribers to think, a rare and very pleasant tonic indeed for all readers.
Matt Gaffney
United States
I am a college professor and I am always in search of easily accessible resources that will help students improve their writing abilities. DailyWritingTips is the best one-stop site I have found that gives aid exactly where dictionaries and style-guides leave gaps.
Rob Wright
United States
DailyWritingTips is one of the very few email subscriptions that I truly welcome into my inbox. It covers a wide spectrum of topics that contribute to good writing. Though I'm not a novelist or a poet, I find that effective writing, more than merely managing to get the point across, can often help in my day to day life. If I want to inspire confidence and trust in a proposal to a client, or if I want to write an email that persuades some corporate customer service rep to see things my way, I have often found the tips from DailyWritingTips make me a more effective communicator.
Andrew Kossowsky
I have been for a long time now a subscriber of the DailyWritingTips articles, which I receive in my mail day in, day out. Being a certified translator of English, I enjoy reading the tips, and I can sincerely recommend it to anyone who enjoys delving into the peculiarities of the English language.
Nelida K.
I begin my day and recharge my creativity with DailyWritingTips for informative explanations about points pertaining to grammar, punctuation, word usage, editing and writing style. DWT is a great resource that’s not too complicated or overly technical.
Roberta B.
United States
I came across some Daily Writing Tips and realized that the material would be of great help to my career. That's why I decided to subscribe, and now the emails I receive are part of my daily studies.
Peter Nganga
South Africa
I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful emails. It's not just that they point out some rules of correct usage, but more that they increase overall perception of the language as a whole. Thank you for the light you shine onto the English language.
Maggie D
United States

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